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Our semi-private personal training approach makes sure you always get the individual attention you need to learn, feel challenged, improve your eating, get stronger, lose weight, rehab injuries, improve your balance and posture, and become a happier & healthier you!

  • Fun, motivating workout sessions tailored to your needs & ability
  • Nutrition Planning
  • Accountability keeps you on track for the long run
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Success Story | Susan Howe

  Since I started, I’ve lost 50 pounds and regained strength and energy that I hardly remember having! I desperately needed surgery and the doctor told me I couldn’t have it until I lost weight. This was terrifying! Like many people, I had struggled losing weight...

How to lose 100 pounds | Video Talk

Despite what you may have heard it is very possible, even simple, to lose weight if you take the time to figure out what works for you and stick with it. What is the easiest way to figure out what works? Find someone else who has lost a lot of weight and copy what...

My First Marathon Success Story – Anna

Training with Andrew has helped me complete my first marathon! He has been my personal trainer for over 2 years. He is very motivating and highly knowledgeable about fitness and running.   I credit him with helping stay me in shape and resistant to injury while...

Client Success Story Brian

My wife and I were talking about wanting to start a family in the near future and when I looked in the mirror the thought went through my head that at the pace I was going I was going to leave my wife a single mother because I would be dead. Getting in shape has...

90 pounds down and into smaller sizes!

It is a freaking amazing day in Spot Jan world!! First, it is an awesome fall day and football day. Second, it is rest day. As much as I originally fought against it, I'm loving it now. It's the first time all week my legs are happy. Third, I hit the 90lbs lost mark....

Spot Jan Lose Weight

For nearly four months residents of the town of Easton Massachusetts have seen a familiar face walking their streets morning, noon and night. Speaking with and inspiring people wherever she goes on a mission to lose weight (150 lbs is her goal). So far she has lost 65...

Weight Loss Success Stories – Ryan G

At my largest, I weighed 307lbs. Stepping on the scale this morning, I weighed 202.3lbs. Losing 100 pounds in a healthy, manageable way took a lot of patience, dedication, and (most importantly) education. When I was at my biggest, I knew I needed to get in shape for...

What Our Clients Are Saying

Don’t just take it from us, listen to people who have already reached their goals!

To date, I have lost over 120 pounds and kept it off for over two years. I am not going back and neither should you!

I had had 2 Knee injuries and 3 shoulder surgeries.  I promised myself that never again would any injury sideline me for years.

I was determined to get healthy and fit. Didn’t know how, but I was on a mission. I went to the gym 4 times a week, but wasn’t seeing results.

That March, I took a BIG step outside my comfort zone, and got in touch with personal trainer, Andrew Peterson of Patriot Fitness Coaching.

It turned out to be one of the best things I’ve ever done for myself.

Click here for the rest of my story...

Janice Wolffe

Supply Chain Manager, Aqualisure Industries

I want to thank Andrew for all his guidance in helping me get back after my injury and preparing for my Army Physical Fitness Test.

Six months ago, I decided to set some serious fitness goals, started training and implemented significant life style changes.

Not only have I met those goals but I have exceeded them by passing my PT test in June with an overall score of over 85%.

If you are ever looking to achieve a personal fitness goal, I recommend one excellent personal trainer, Andrew Peterson. Thank you, Andrew. Keith Donahue CPT, EN.

Keith Donahue

United States Army Captian

Training with Andrew has helped me complete my first marathon. He has been my personal trainer for over 2 years. He is very motivating and highly knowledgeable about fitness and running. I credit him with helping me stay in shape & resistant to injury while training for and completing my first marathon, the New York City Marathon! Working with him has increased my: balance, speed, quickness, endurance, durability, muscle tone, core strength, & overall fitness level. His workouts are never the same, they keep you motivated because you are having fun! Anna Kitsos

Dentist, Easton Dental Specialists

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veryone knows Danny Devito, star of TV shows like "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia" and movies like "Twins" with Arnold Schwarzenegger but what you might not know is that the 72-year-old Actor takes one aspect of his physical fitness very...

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