into smaller sizesIt is a freaking amazing day in Spot Jan world!! First, it is an awesome fall day and football day. Second, it is rest day. As much as I originally fought against it, I’m loving it now. It’s the first time all week my legs are happy. Third, I hit the 90lbs lost mark. Fourth, the skinny jeans that were a little snug two weeks ago, now fit perfectly around the stomach, and even though they are too baggy, I still think they make my legs look amazingly skinny. Fifth, I stopped in at the Dunkin Donuts my nieces work at for coffee and heard someone say “oh my god, she looks so skinny”. Turns out it was one of my nieces! Then second niece came around the corner and had a Macauley Caulkin Home Alone moment, with hands on cheeks, mouth open, saying Oh my god, you look so small. You don’t look like Auntie Jan anymore! My thought? This is the new and improved Auntie Jan!!!

Finally, I took myself off to do a little shopping and buy a couple of long sleeve t shirts for these cool fall days. Decided while I was there I would just try on a pair of jeans from the Misses dept to see how much further I had to go before they fit and I could come out of the women’s (plus sizes) dept forever. I was stunned, astounded, and frankly amazed that I could put them on, and button and zip them!!! Yes, they are a little snug around the stomach (I’m not starting a crunches challenge tomorrow for nothing), but I can button and zip them, sit down and move around in them. Good bye, women’s dept, HELLO misses dept!! I have to admit, I was doing a happy dance in the dressing room, and I haven’t stopped smiling since. Here’s a pic of those jeans and the shirt I bought to go with them. Love the shirt!!

Life is good! And now it’s football time. Go Pats!!