The Patriot Fitness Training 5-Point System

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Your Goals, Your History, Your Success
Individualized Workouts delivered to your phone
with Video Coaching
Feedback on each workout from your trainer in app
So each workout is better than the last
Nutrition planning and accountability
Eat to burn fat and still enjoy your life
1 on 1 progress assessment, accountability & training bi-weekly
Keeping you healthy for the long run

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Mission Statement

The mission of Patriot Fitness is to bring fat loss, health and fitness to people who have struggled to lose weight in the past.

Free Fitness assessment

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is to bring harmony the body through movement and discipline. When the body is able and ready to move in all the directions it was intended amazing results are possible.

Working with Patriot Fitness is better than spending your money on one size fits all fitness videos that you, frankly, can’t even complete and outrageously over protein shakes.

Instead, we will help you learn to change your relationship with food and eat well to fuel your body’s fat loss in a way that is sustainable.

Because we believe, real food is always better than supplements!

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