Spring Open House

Spring Open House

Announcing: Cinco De Mayo Spring Open house!


Stop by Studio 18 Fitness. Meet our personal trainers Andrew & Janice, get a host of FREE stuff.


  • FREE mini-workout
  • FREE body fat % analysis
  • FREE workout plan
  • FREE BMI check & more 


Date: May 5th, 2018

Time: 9am-12 noon

Location: 18 Pleasant Street, North Easton

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Feel better AND Look great!

Feel better AND Look great!

jan looking goodOk, so while this weight loss journey is mostly about being healthy and getting fit, let’s face it…I also want to look good and like what I see in the mirror! I woke up this morning thinking I wanted to wear jeans to the ZBB concert tonight since it was going to be a little cooler. All I had were the ones I wore last winter that are now way too big…not going to work. So, I headed out on a search for new jeans. Now, most women can tell you, jeans shopping is challenging at best, and can be downright hard on the ego, but I was doing it anyway.

Tried on a bunch of different brands and different sizes until I found the right size (smaller than I thought it would be), then I started trying different styles in that size. I was pleasantly surprised I had so many choices and that they looked ok, but nothing was wowing me. Bootleg looked ok, straight leg too. Then I tried skinny jeans and looked in the mirror. The women in the dressing rooms on either side of me must have thought I was nuts, because I started laughing and said (rather loudly) “Holy shit! all that walking is giving me great legs!” Skinny jeans were the winner.

Went next door when I got home to have my neighbor take a pic of me wearing the jeans, and was told the jeans might actually be a little loose…more happy laughter from me. So anyway, here’s the jeans pic, and closeup of my walking strong calves. Not quite to my halfway point, but it’s fun to look in the mirror and like what I see, especially in jeans. Arms need work but legs are looking good.

I’ve said it before, but it bears repeating… I’m loving this journey!

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Certified TRX Instructor

Certified TRX Instructor

TRX Certified TrainerProud to announce that I am now a certified TRX instructor.  TRX Suspspension trainer is a truly versatile piece of equipment for everyone from athletes to those just starting their first fitness program. By engaging the entire body neurological demand is much greater than isolation exercise and the workout your core gets can’t be beat. When they say All Core, All the time they mean it.

As a trainer the TRX principles of bodyweight training are right in line with my personal training philosophy so it is a natural fit. Look for upcoming group classes I will be teaching and request TRX workouts for your personal training sessions.

TRX® Suspension Training® gives athletes, military personnel and fitness pros around the world a complete total-body training tool and the cutting-edge training programs they need to take their performance to the next level.