The Best Single Leg Exercise for Everyone

The Best Single Leg Exercise for Everyone

Having the balance to walk up and down stairs is one of the most functional things you can train your body for.

Still, many Americans out there will struggle with this basic exercise & as a result, it is one of the ones I prescribe most frequently.

Work your legs individually and make sure your balance & stability is on point with step ups no matter what your age is.


Simple, effective & something EVERYONE regardless of AGE or ability should be able to do well. Having single leg stability for walking & climbing stairs is essential to your ability to thrive.

Beginners: start with a low step. One of your stairs, a step stool or an exercise step at your gym.

Try sets of 15 or more per side for a cardio blast!

Athletes: step up onto a chair, bench or box at the gym.

Try to complete as many reps as possible in a two minute period. Try again next workout to improve your score.

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Iron Cross Stretch | Stop Lower Back, Hip & Leg pain

Iron Cross Stretch | Stop Lower Back, Hip & Leg pain

Muscles need to be not only strong but also pliable, flexible and durable. The rule of thumb is that you should spend as much time lengthening muscles as you do tightening them. That’s why I’m here to teach you one of my favorite before bed stretches. It’s great for pre or post workout too.

The most important stat in sports (and therefore fitness and life) is games played.

Unfortunately, most people don’t realize this until they are already racked with pain, tightness, and injuries.

Here is a move to help keep your back, hips, and legs loose and pain-free, and all you need is an open spot on the floor.

Directions: Lay flat on your back with arms directly out from your sides. Raise one foot in the air, turn your hips and touch your foot to the hand on the opposite side.

The Secret The Big Gyms Don’t Want You to Know | Part 1

The Secret The Big Gyms Don’t Want You to Know | Part 1

If you are someone who has a hard time losing weight than big gyms have more than a few secrets they don’t want you to know.

In this series of videos, I am going to be revealing some of these secrets so you can use them to your advantage.

Secret #1 is that they don’t even want you to show up. Can you believe it? Watch the video for the reasons why.

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How to Lose Weight the Easy Way | Carb Cycle Basics

How to Lose Weight the Easy Way | Carb Cycle Basics

Carb Cycling is the most effective nutrition plan for most people because it is simple and allows you to lose weight while continue to eat the foods that you like the most without feeling guilty. Carb cycling consists of alternating weekdays between low & high carb days. Every breakfast always includes a carb to make sure that you have energy throughout the day.

Carb Cycle basics

  • Eat 5 meals a day, 2 to 3 hours apart.
  • Drink 1 gallon of water per day.
  • Every breakfast includes a fist size serving of complex carbs.
  • Low carb day meals are a palm-sized serving of protein and a thumb size serving of healthy fats.
  • High carb day means are a palm-size serving of protein and a fist size serving of complex carbs.
  • All meals include 2 fist sized portions of vegetables.
  • Saturday is a high carb day.
  • Sunday is a cheat day.

Carb Cycle weekly calendar

Sync Carb Cycle Calendar to your phone, gmail or outlook.

Monday | low carb 

Tuesday | high carb

Wednesday | low carb

Thursday | high carb 

Friday | low carb

Saturday | High carb

Sunday | cheat day