How to Start Running (or Get Back Into It)

How to Start Running (or Get Back Into It)

Andrew Peterson Personal TrainerWant to lose weight but don’t have a gym membership? Good news! Getting outside is FREE and running is one of the best ways to burn calories regardless of where you are.

While there is some variation between gyms, more or less they all look the same. They’re filled with useless machines and smell bad.

Why spend your training hours inside a fitness facility when you can take in the majesty and beauty of nature without any monthly gym fees at all?

Important note: if you are significantly overweight you should begin with walking regularly.

Getting started with running, or getting back into it, can be intimidating but it doesn’t have to be.

When you are young you think of running like RUNNING! Moving at top speed, busting ass.
If you try that nowadays you’re going to very quickly overwhelm yourself and be collapsed on the side of the road gasping for air. That isn’t what you want, that isn’t what I want, that isn’t what anyone wants.

The first thing you must realize is that the goal of running isn’t to go fast, it’s to keep moving until the end.

Finish line over finish time!

So slow down and take it easy. If you are doing it and you cannot breathe you are going to fast. It isn’t a race.

Learn Form

Now that we have got you slowed down, you must learn to run in a nondestructive manner, this is the key to longevity and in turn success!

When you pound the pavement loudly, bang your feet and slam your knees you can quickly rack up a lot of the ankle and hip pain.

For many people, this is where they stop. What you are going to do is slow down to a manageable pace, whatever that might be, and focus on learning form.

Read my blog How Do I Run Without Hurting My Knees? and watch this video each time before you go out for a run.

Focus on trying to incorporate one tip at a time until they become a natural part of your stride.

Have a training plan.

Having a plan is crucial to success in running, weight loss and life.

Since you are new to running or detrained from a long period of inactivity I recommend the couch to 5K free app.

The C25K Free app will act as your personal trainer. It will guide you through walking and jogging intervals that anyone can complete.

It also provides you a calendar so you know you will be able to jog a 5K at the end of your time with the app.

How to Lose Weight the Easy Way | Carb Cycle Basics

How to Lose Weight the Easy Way | Carb Cycle Basics

Carb Cycling is the most effective nutrition plan for most people because it is simple and allows you to lose weight while continue to eat the foods that you like the most without feeling guilty. Carb cycling consists of alternating weekdays between low & high carb days. Every breakfast always includes a carb to make sure that you have energy throughout the day.

Carb Cycle basics

  • Eat 5 meals a day, 2 to 3 hours apart.
  • Drink 1 gallon of water per day.
  • Every breakfast includes a fist size serving of complex carbs.
  • Low carb day meals are a palm-sized serving of protein and a thumb size serving of healthy fats.
  • High carb day means are a palm-size serving of protein and a fist size serving of complex carbs.
  • All meals include 2 fist sized portions of vegetables.
  • Saturday is a high carb day.
  • Sunday is a cheat day.

Carb Cycle weekly calendar

Sync Carb Cycle Calendar to your phone, gmail or outlook.

Monday | low carb 

Tuesday | high carb

Wednesday | low carb

Thursday | high carb 

Friday | low carb

Saturday | High carb

Sunday | cheat day

How to lose 100 pounds | Video Talk

How to lose 100 pounds | Video Talk

Despite what you may have heard it is very possible, even simple, to lose weight if you take the time to figure out what works for you and stick with it.

What is the easiest way to figure out what works? Find someone else who has lost a lot of weight and copy what they did.

Watch this real talk from one of my favorite clients, Janice, who has lost 120 pounds and kept it off.

Yes, it can be done! Be ready to be inspired.

I lost 120 lbs and kept it off and so can you!

You may have spotted me all over town last year as I walked my way to losing over 100 lbs. You may have read some of Spot Jan’s story on Facebook. You’ve cheered me on and encouraged me  […]

Source: How to lose 100 lbs – real talk. – Studio 18 fitness

Burpee Modifications

Burpee Modifications

This month we have our most intense challenge yet. This guide is here to show you 3 burpee modifications to tailor this intense exercise to your current ability level. The Burpee is beloved by trainers and clients everywhere because of it’s raw effectiveness at helping you lose weight. Practicing this move will wake your body up by  re teaching it movement patterns it has long forgotten.

The burpee is a true test of total body conditioning. It consists of 3 different moves done in succession. Each move works a different part of the body and together makes for an intense full body cardio and strength workout. Each move should be done linking to the next as smoothly as possible.

Level 1 Burpee Modifications  – don’t overthink it

If you have never done a burpee before this is where you start.

  • From a standing position get down on the ground, all the way until you are lying flat on your stomach. If you can hop both legs out behind you great, if not walk out one foot at a time.
  • Step two, stand back up, jump up and clap your hands over your head.

Level 2 Burpee Modifications  – building form

If you have some good fitness built up you can break this move down into 3 different moves done in succession andburpee challenge try to nail them with the best form you can.

  • Squat Thrust (core) – an exercise in which the legs are thrust backward to their full extent from a squatting position with the hands on the floor.
    • Level 1. Walk one foot at a time back, and one foot at a time forward.
    • Level 2 Walk one foot at a time back and hop both feet forward. If you can’t do this go back to level 1.
    • Level 3 Hop both feet out together, hop both feet back in together.  If you can’t do this go back to level 2.
  • Pushup (upper body) – lower your upper body to the ground with you arms and shoulders. Warning: Push-ups are tough.
    • Level 1. get all the way to the ground and get yourself up any way you can.
    • Level 2 put your knees down and lower your body all the way to the ground before pushing up. If you can’t do this go back to level 1.
    • Level 3 lower yourself all the way to the ground and perform a full strict pushup. If you can’t do this go back to level 2.
  • Flying Squat (lower body) – jump as high as possible, work your upper body by reaching up and clapping above your head at the peak of your jump. Land softly by absorbing impact with bent knees as you hit the ground. If you have bad knees or can’t jump you can skip this one. Do as much of the movement as you can.

Level 3 Burpee Modifications  – taking it to the next level

This is such a valuable move because of all of the things you can do with it. The possibilities are limitless. Once we get good at the basic moves we can add on with other fun exercises.

Sample level 3 burpee modifications we perform:

  • Box Jump Burpees – Jump onto a step and back down instead of just up in the air to finish the move.
  • Burpee Pullups – Jump up, grab a bar and perform a pullup an the end of the move.
  • Burpee Deadlifts – Pick up weights at your side to finish with a deadlift instead of a plyometric jump at the end.
  • Ball Slam Burpees – Finish with a ball slam for an extra boost of fat burning cardio.

Reminder about Burpee Modifications – If you have preexisting injuries it is perfectly fine to omit parts of this move which cause pain. For instance if you have bad knees you might want to finish by standing up straight instead of jumping. If you have shoulder injuries you might want to skip the pushup and just pop out into a plank without lowering your body. Now that you’ve read this list of burpee modifications you should be able to chose the difficulty that is right for you. This one is going to be tough so leave your questions and favorite burpee modifications in the comments below!
Burpee Modifications for 30 day challenge