Since I started, I’ve lost 50 pounds and regained strength and energy that I hardly remember having!

I desperately needed surgery and the doctor told me I couldn’t have it until I lost weight. This was terrifying!

Like many people, I had struggled losing weight for years. Working with this excellent trainer on my nutrition and fitness was the answer to my prayers.

Proud to say I’ve hit my first weight loss goal, am getting the surgery I need and am coming back stronger than ever!

Update: It has been almost a year since my hip replacement surgery and I have gained back all of the strength, balance, stability & range of motion that I ever had! Before starting with Patriot Personal training in Easton, I could hardly stand without pain & now I walk 125+ miles per month, thank you Andrew & Janice!

Susan Howe

Owner, Miss Sue’s Daycare

Sue’s Biggest Accomplishments

  • Lost 50 Lbs so she could have hip surgery!
  • Looked great at her daughter’s wedding!
  • Won the weight loss challenge contest!
  • 1-year post hip surgery she walks 100+ Miles per month!
  • Avoided further hip surgery!

Congratulations Sue, keep inspiring people!