Meditation 101: learn to calm your mind in 90 seconds. 

Meditation 101: learn to calm your mind in 90 seconds. 

Gaining awareness of your mind and body is crucial to making progress with your health and happiness.

In this era of social media and smartphone notifications, our brains are working overtime from the moment we wake up until we close our eyes at night. Now is your chance to get off the brain drain train!

Practicing meditation and Yoga teach you to be in touch with your body and mind. The greater your level of self-control the better you will perform in workouts, events and everyday life.

In addition to calming our thoughts meditation teaches us how to control our breathing. A major part of getting in shape is teaching your body to breathe better in elevated stress situations.

No matter how busy you are you can find 5-10 minutes per day to do this and you will experience the benefits right away.


6 Stoic Rituals That Will Make You Happy

6 Stoic Rituals That Will Make You Happy

Events Don’t Upset You. Beliefs Do.

The Stoics are saying there are no good or bad events, there’s only perception.
You get dumped by someone you’re totally in love with. Feel sad? God, yes. The world is going to end.


Okay, same scenario, but afterwards you find out that person was actually a psychopath who killed their last three partners. Feel sad you got dumped? No, you’re thrilled.


So clearly “getting dumped” isn’t the important factor here. What changed? Nothing but your beliefs.
Source: 6 Stoic Rituals That Will Make You Happy

For most people, the biggest obstacle to getting results from their diet and physical fitness program isn’t the physical part, but the mental part.

If you are riding an emotional rollercoaster of highs and lows and your outlook changes from hour to hour it is extremely difficult to establish a routine and stick to it long enough to experience the benefits (weight loss, increased energy, increased strength, better sleeping patterns).

Do we exercise to relieve stress and help us feel happier, yes? Can feeling happier benefit our exercise and weight loss? Absolutely! Training yourself mentally is every bit as important as training yourself physically.

Remember life is 1% what happens to you and 99% how you react to it.