Fitness Transformation

Fitness Transformation

Yup there’s me 2.5 years after college, no doubt about it, I needed a fitness transformation.  Not even 30 and already feeling like my best days were behind me. I was weak and I couldn’t get up off the couch and walk for a few minutes never mind run a mile. I always considered myself an active person even if I hadn’t been active in years. Sure I’d flirted with getting in shape. I played basketball in high school and a host of intramural college sports but I could never seem to keep my fitness regimen up for more than a few months without becoming frustrated and disinterested.

Before After Fitness Transformation

Before & After

Since then I’ve achieved personal trainer certification, studied anatomy, running, bodybuilding, kettlebell training, interval training & sports performance. I’ve trained with hockey players, football players, soccer players, boxers, swimmers, golfers, fire fighters, strongmen & martial artists.

  • I’ve helped people lose weight
  • I’ve helped people to build muscle.
  • I’ve competed in 5k, 10k, 7 mile and obstacle course races.
  • I’ve helped folks with knee, back & shoulder problems regain strength.
  • I’ve started a running club, the Easton Running Club.
  • I’ve organized my share of road races & golf tournaments.
  • I am currently training for a half marathon.
  • I’ve managed my injuries and those of my clients.
  • I’ve had a good time doing it & I’ve learned a few things along the way.

What did I learn? I learned that hard work is at the core of your fitness transformation but a little information goes a long way & the best way to learn that vital information which makes or breaks your fitness is through others.

So sign up to follow this blog, read along, ask a question, I’ll do my best to answer it. Learn from me as I learn from you.

If your ready to start your fitness transformation contact me for your free consultation today. I am a personal trainer serving the Boston and Providence, RI areas.


Andrew’s Fitness Transformation Statistics


  • 2011 – 145lbs skinny fat
  • 2013 – 165lbs and lean


  • 2012 – haven’t run a mile since high school (1998)
  • 2013 – 350 miles and counting so far this year.

Bench Press

  • 2011 – 135 lbs for one rep
  • 2013 – 225lbs 8 reps.