Online Personal Training: The Costs and Benefits

Online Personal Training: The Costs and Benefits

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“I believe the biggest advantage lies in both the affordability and flexibility,” says Tina Reale, who runs the online personal training site Best Body Fitness. “Since the sessions aren’t done in-person, the client can choose the best time to complete the workouts. Plus, clients can choose to do the workouts at home using the equipment they have available. The cost is typically significantly less too. For example, my online training programs cost less per month than most hour-long in-person sessions.”

Yet there’s one important thing that online trainers lack: physical contact. Can you really train someone—check form, provide motivation, and prevent injury—if you’re not there with them? Franklin Antonin, personal trainer, author of The Fit Executive and founder of, says he has to make an extra effort to ensure his clients are getting the workout they want.

Each user gets several custom video workouts that they can do on their own time, including HD video and slow-motion exercise samples.” He adds that clients can reach their trainer day or night via “phone, text, IM, Facebook, Twitter, and more.”

Source: Online Personal Training: The Costs and Benefits | Shape Magazine


If you are motivated to make progress you can make more progress for less money, with more flexibility than someone who isn’t motivated but pays top dollar for in-person sessions with their local trainer. Millions of people are having success right now.

Do you have goals but you can’t seem to reach them? Do you want to work with us but you are not close enough to be able to do personal training in Easton, MA? Online Personal Training is perfect for you.

We even offer a combination in person & online personal training package so you can get all the benefits of meeting with your trainer in person and still keep the flexibility & affordability that you value so much.