Your First Stretching Routine

Your First Stretching Routine

The goal of this blog is to help you learn to follow a regular program. A regular stretching program can bring tremendous value to your workouts & your life. You are currently living with imbalances that are creating pain and stress in your body.

It’s fair to say that if you aren’t tight in your neck, upper back & shoulders then you are painfully stiff in your legs, lower back, & hips.

Here is a simple stretching routine that will open all these areas up, figure out which ones are a problem so you can begin to heal them.

Like I said earlier building a routine is the name of the game with this post so I suggest scheduling and performing this routine nightly or after workouts. I do mean schedule, put it on your calendar, datebook, refrigerator or whatever and keep the appointment you made with yourself.

Stretching Rules:

  1. Breathe deeper & slower each breath. Your body’s natural reaction is to tense up and resist the muscle being lengthened. Send your central nervous system a calming message by increasing the duration of your inhalation & exhalation on each progressive breath.
  2. Stretch for 15-30 seconds. Anything less than 15 seconds will be interpreted by the body as a reflex reaction, not an intentional lengthening of the muscle. If your following rule one you should be able to get 15 seconds in 4-5 breaths. Shoot for 30 seconds as you get better.
Start with a focus on loosening up the major muscles of your legs.

From a seated position with one leg forward, you can stretch the back of the legs (hamstrings) by leaning forward or the front of the legs (Quads) by leaning back.

The upper back is where most people carry most of their tension and stress.

Relieve that stress with the arms up the wall stretch.

Pay attention to where you are most tight, at the top of the range of motion or at the bottom.

The Iron Cross is really going to open up your lower back, hips, and back of the legs.

This move will stretch out most of your major muscle groups.

Legs up the wall is a perfect stretch for cooling down after a workout or relaxing your body to get ready to go to bed.

Use the wall & gravity to your advantage to make it as easy.

That’s it! 4 stretches that hit all of your major muscles & joints. Repeat 3 times per week & learn new stretches on our YouTube series – Stretching 101 to add into your routine!