Having the balance to walk up and down stairs is one of the most functional things you can train your body for.

Still, many Americans out there will struggle with this basic exercise & as a result, it is one of the ones I prescribe most frequently.

Work your legs individually and make sure your balance & stability is on point with step ups no matter what your age is.


Simple, effective & something EVERYONE regardless of AGE or ability should be able to do well. Having single leg stability for walking & climbing stairs is essential to your ability to thrive.

Beginners: start with a low step. One of your stairs, a step stool or an exercise step at your gym.

Try sets of 15 or more per side for a cardio blast!

Athletes: step up onto a chair, bench or box at the gym.

Try to complete as many reps as possible in a two minute period. Try again next workout to improve your score.

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